Fee Details

Application Fee: 10 + Tax **

Fee Details (Fresh License):
  1. Issuing of license for Ship Chandling, Ship Repairing, Chipping & Painting shall be 1800 + Tax ** for each trade
  2. Issue of License for Miscellaneous Trade shall be 300 + Tax **
Security Deposit (Fresh License):
  • An amount of 3000/- in respect of Ship Chandling, Ship Repairing, Cipping and Painting and 500/- in respect of Miscellaneous trades, as security deposit.
  1. Ship Chandling, Ship Repairing and Chipping & Painting shall be 100 + Tax ** for each trade
  2. Issue of License for Miscellaneous Trade shall be 25 + Tax **
Late Fee:

If the agent fails to apply for renewal 30 days before the expiry of the License, in that case the agent has to pay 100 + Tax ** as late fee for Ship Chandling, Ship Repairing and Chipping & Painting and 25 + Tax ** for the Miscellaneous Trade

** Tax: GST - 18% (CGST - 9%, SGST - 9%)

On renewal if previous license validity already expired, application will be considered as Fresh

General Guidelines

All applicants should get NOC from Civil Department and attach as mandatary document

Applicants are advised to fill up the necessary field relavent to their license category only

Application ID will be displayed on clicking the save button. Take note of the ID for further registration process

Applicants are advised to take printout of application using "Print" option

Application may be edited before submission

Once application is submitted then applicants can't change the details

Filled in Application Form will be forwarded to Traffic Manager (VOC Port AUTHORITY) if only the Form is submitted using 'Submit' button on view page.The applicant will receive a copy of the mail

Application will not be considered if the Form is not submitted

Submitted Date will be considered as Applied Date

After all required details provided to traffic department, if the application approved, License will be forwarded via the email address given in the form

License will not be issued if the applicant has any Port pending dues

For any further clarifications only related to Ship Chandling contact Traffic Section- 0461-2352407 within office hours (10am to 5 pm) on Port working days

Applicants are encouraged to use advanced chrome browser for better experience